The Special Needs School Next-Door Hates Its Ducks

Picture of a happy duck. (Source:

This is a very serious post calling out the special needs school that I live across from. It has an “animal corner” which is the direct Hebrew translation and I cannot be bothered to think of what that’s called in English. And I am calling them out for their mistreatment of animals. I’ve had a long history with animals, leading me today to still admit that I would prefer taking care of a puppy to a baby. Animals are just so superior to humans in so many ways. Why do you think there is so much treatment involving animals? There is even therapy horse-back riding! You know what there isn’t? Therapy people-riding. Because people suck.

I take the care of animals very seriously. Sometimes even at the risk of my own life. If you want to hear more, you can my story of how I almost got rabies: It does not show me in a good light. It honestly was more me losing patience than like, caring for the cat.

But this is about the animal corner at the school! What animals are there, you ask? It has goats! It has chickens! And it has ducks. I’m assuming the point of having these animals is to show the kids how to take care of animals, which I love that that is part of their curriculum. Animals can do wonders for any kind of kid, especially when the child is taught how to properly care for the animal. Goats are great because they are also mean so if the kid is mad, he can take it out on a goat and have a head-butting contest with it or something. Israeli kids have hard-ass skulls you guys.

So. This animal corner is in the front of the school, surrounded by a high fence where the locals like to come by and feed the animals with their spare scraps of food. So much so in fact, that during Passover, they had to hang signs telling people NOT to feed the animals any Matzah, which I found quite hilarious because of course people tried to get rid of their leftover Matzah..

So the pen itself has a dirt floor and a covered shed in back where the animals can hang out to get away from the rain (which happens 3 times a year) or the burning sun (which, because it is the Middle East, happens all the freaken time.) Recently, the pen went through a renovation. I was happy to note that they were adding not one but two shallow pools of water! How perfect, I thought. Not only will the animal be able to drink fresh filtered water every day, but the ducks can enjoy paddling around with their cute little duck feet like they were meant to! But no, the renovations weren’t done yet. A few weeks later, after the pools were installed, there were also high, thick fences built around the pools. What the hell? Were they thinking the animal corner needed…a water feature? For décor??? Now, whenever I pass the school, I just see sad ducks standing near the fence, gazing longingly at the water.

Maybe this school is actually a hell for ducks. It’s all a front.

Anyway, if you feel bad for the ducks, you can come join my neighbors and me and stare forlornly into their poor little tortured duck eyes.




English teacher by trade, story writer for fun

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Alana Schwartz

Alana Schwartz

English teacher by trade, story writer for fun

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