the inconvenience of terrorism

c’mon man I was just trying to sleep

the sirens are like, the worst alarm clocks. first,

because they do not wake me up at the time

that I need to. like damn, let me at least sleep till 7. what

the fuck kind of meeting would I have at 4 am? who even is awake

now? and second, just like, don’t kill people. it’s a

pretty simple choice. I duno if you watched New Girl, but

one time Jess is crying about something, and she’s like, really

hysterical, and then Coach just goes up to her and yells “Stop It!”

and he has no other way to deal with her hysteria and

so like, Stop It. I have a Muslim friend from college who posted

his profile picture with the slogan “Free Palestine” and I wonder

if he also supports terrorism. he really should be writing, Free

Palestine from Hamas. wartime is odd times. you still go on with your life. you

still go to work, but just

are more aware of when you are in open spaces. you

automatically look around for shelters. luckily, shelters

are everywhere here. in schools. In pre-

schools. maybe even situated, like a cool spy movie,

under the sandbox of the pre-schoolers. (don’t worry,

it’s tarped over to keep out the cats). my friend said, she can’t

imagine what it’s like, with the sirens. Fuck, the sirens are scary,

because you never know. but it’s the hate that is fueling

the bombs that makes it hopeless, for us. It just means more war. more

terror. more and more. fighting. firepower. it is a bomb etched in “no

consequences, just death.” bombs from Hamas

have hit Arabs. They’ve hit Gaza,

landing within their own borders. indiscrimination like this is

just, like, not cool guys. my friend told her four-year-old that it is time

to hide when the siren comes. her four-year-old loves when

everyone gathers in her room. she feels important. she

plays. she smiles.

this is the world. this is life. day to day,

I avoid the news. facebook. twitter. I have my classes go on,

but I also have students who say, I can’t come. I am too afraid. I

can’t come, my bus was overrun by rioters. I can’t

sleep. Can you just like, press snooze on that hatred?

just give me 5 more minutes.

English teacher by trade, story writer for fun