My Weird Vet

The middle image reads: “Stalin was a regular Russian” and “It’s all nation like he”
I don’t know who the “Stinkin criminal IzrRaelian Shimpanzee” is.
This was on the wall of a local supermarket. Some key phrases that pop out here: “Almagor- impotent,” “you must watch film Bandit(?) Almagor St-Pet(?) and “russian bandit can be very polite smiling — bloody bandit”
This pretty much says it all, really. You’ll see here some nice man is wiping off the graffiti. When I asked him about it, he immediately asked me, “Did you do it?” I quickly assured him that I was as confused as he was.
This is fun because there are pictures! There is a happy cat that is saying “It’s me!” There perhaps was a breakup here as on the far left it says “I’m much more beautiful than Liz. She’s fat!” and “Almagor, don’t be sealy!” but then it gets threatening at the bottom: “Lust(?) don’t 3give me!” and “I’ll again call you at 3:00 night!!!”



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Alana Schwartz

Alana Schwartz

English teacher by trade, story writer for fun